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SMS bomber APK Download- You might hear about the Sms Bomber online in these days frequently. Why this much of craze got for this kinda thing? Because this is the best fun way to take revenge on the person without harming personally. By just irritating them you would get some ego satisfaction. For this purpose most of the people using some online sites which are provided with the free SMS bombing feature for pranking friends. Some of them are failed to give you the best working SMS Flodder. But here you will get SMS bomber App for Android devices with better features than others.

Even you may face the bombing messages from the friends, and now, the turn is yours. Use our best app to send the Bulk messages and annoy your friends. Indeed they don’t know who is the guy behind such a crappy SMS every time. The best part is you are completely anonymous.

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  • 1 What is SMS Bomber Apk?
  • 2 How to Bomb the Sms with this Android App
  • 3 How do I Protect my Number from Bombing?
  • 1.1 Features of the SMS Bomber App:
  • 1.2 Limitations:
  • 1.3 Disclaimer:
  • 2.1 How to Bomb the Calls with this Android app
  • 2.2 How to Send anonymous Sms for Free
  • 3.1 SMS Bomber App from Sanchit Gera
  • 3.2 Video Tutorial
  • 3.3 Final Words:

What is SMS Bomber Apk?

Sms Bomber apk is also known as Text Bomber which you can use for sending the Bulk SMS for the Mobile operators in India. The app is working not only with Indian numbers, but also it is working with the international numbers. Also, Google has the project based on the SMS bomber you can check from here. Currently, it was an Android App. Be patient until it is available for Users of IOS. A New update having the International bomber option let you bomb the SMS all over the world.

Simple concept for sending Multiple SMS to friends or victims, just ruin their day for fun. The app is made by Udit a member of the Facebook group XDA-OFF Topic. There is no limit to sending Multiple messages to the victim; you just put a phone number without +91 in the field of number and tap on start process. It will bomb until you tap Stop process button.

Sit back and relax, it will send SMS via various message service provider API’s. This is completely free to use but don’t use with Unknown numbers that may lead you to a problem. Play safe and set some limits. If you want to help the Developer, then Click on the ad which is shown in the app home.


Features of the SMS Bomber App:

  • International Bomber Added – New*
  • Unlimited SMS you can send with this app
  • You can see the Server Status
  • Choose the Contact Number from the Phone Book
  • Directly you can update the app
  • Protect your number from Others.
  • Custom SMS Sender for free (Anonymously)
  • Call Bomber with set count option.
  • No need to register on this app.
  • Working with DND Numbers.


  • Only working with Indian Mobile numbers (Support to other countries will be added soon)
  • Bomber won’t work on the hours between 12.00 AM to 5.00 AM.
  • Only for Android Users ( We will update the post when it comes to IOS)


This Software only meant for educational purposes. Neither developer of the app or I doesn’t take responsibility for any outcomes. By using the application, you agree to this.

How to Bomb the Sms with this Android App

  • Download the latest SMS Bomber App from below


  • If you didn’t enable the Unknown Sources, you would get Pop-Up Like this when trying to install the app and Grant the permissions.


  • Install the app and Open it.


  • In the home page, you will see the phone number field. Now, type the phone number manually, or you can choose the number from the phone contacts.


  • Finally, click on the Start Process button. It will send the messages until you stopped the Process.

How to Bomb the Calls with this Android app

  • In the home page of the SMS bomber apk. You will see the menu button which is in top right corner and tap on it.


  • You will get some options. Choose the call Flodder option.


  • Enter the Phone number manually or select the contact from the phone.
  • Click on Send calls button that’s it.

How to Send anonymous Sms for Free

Now, the Send Anonymous message in the SMS Bomber apk is not Free. The developers of the app were started to make money from their app. you need to buy credits from the developers, and those can be used for sending SMS anonymously. In the new update, they have introduced the Registration process for who want to send messages anonymously. Prices are 50 credits for 20INR, 250 credits for 70INR and 500credits for 110INR. 1message is equal to 1 credit.

  • Click on setting icon from the right corner of the apps home.


  • Choose the Custom SMS sender option


  • type the mobile number without +91 or choose from the contacts.
  • Type the message which you want to send
  • Click on the send message button. That’s it.

How do I Protect my Number from Bombing?

  • After opening the SMS bomber apk
  • Click on the menu icon on the top right corner. Select Protect option. Now, It will ask you to choose a browser.
  • Select any browser which is installed on your device.
  • It will open like the below screen shot.


  • Submit your Mobile Number without +91 which you want to protect from the bombing.
  • It will take 24 hrs to complete the request.

SMS Bomber App from Sanchit Gera

I have another app called as BOMBitUP which contains nearly the same features as like the above one. Developed by Sanchit Gera from XDA too. If you want to test that SMS bomber app too, then Just look intoVideo Tutorial and download from below link.


Video Tutorial

Final Words:

There is no problem while using this kind of apps. But keep in mind that you are using illegal apps. We are provided with the two best apps for bombing the SMS in bulk. SMS bomber for the desktop will be out soon; please stick to our blog for more stuff like this one.

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